An Evening With Rolf Schromgens of Trivago

Being a part of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) has brought me so many great learning experiences over the years. This weekend, thanks to one of our EO members Lars, I had the opportunity of listening to the fascinating journey of Rolf Schrömgens, the co-founder of Trivago. It’s a given that an entrepreneur that is able … Continue reading An Evening With Rolf Schromgens of Trivago

How it feels to let go of a team member

Over the past 18 months we've only let go of four people on the product team of TINYpulse.  Three of them though have been in the last four months.  Here are some of my thoughts on what is the most difficult decision a leader must face.

Book Review – Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

Here is a review I wrote for my company blog. Great book.


predictable-revenueEvery now and then I come across a book that makes me go wow.  Predictable Revenue is one of them.

At some points the writing style seems a little choppy, but the message was pretty amazing.  Learn how a team of 1, completely changed how sales were being done for, ultimately building out a 12 person team that resulted in $100,000,000 a year in new sales.  And yes, that was recurring revenue!

It’s a fascinating story that tells of how Aaron went from CEO to Junior salesperson to someone who revolutionized how a billion dollar company manages their sales.

And yes, he does plug as a tool quite often!

Here is a quick summary of his methods:

Predictable Revenue is all about creating Predictable Lead Generation

First, get your team specialized by separating your sales group into the following roles:

  • Sales Development – (Qualifiers)
  • Account Executives – (Closers)
  • Account…

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