The last ten years of my life I’ve spent helping leaders use technology to enhance their business value.  For seven of those years it was in the outsourcing space where, at Vinasource, we built 100’s of applications for companies ranging from the US Tennis Association to my old employer Microsoft.

In 2012, a friend of mine came to me with an idea to solve a simple mission, Make Employees Happier.  And with that came the birth of TINYpulse.  At TINYpulse our software helps over 1000 companies around the world develop happy, high performing people.

Four years ago I had the privilege of joining the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) where currently I championed a new chapter in Saigon. Through this group of amazing individuals I’ve learned so much about how fellow members run their businesses.

Saigon has been amazing to me and I, like many others have fallen in love with her.  So it brings me great pleasure to harness my life experiences and work with successful companies as they set up shop in Saigon and build amazing teams.

Feel free to contact me and in the spirit of EO, I’m happy to share my experiences with you.

Dave Hajdu | Startup Success
dave@startupsuccessvn.com | +1 206 395 8872 | + 84 90 995 8581
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