Book Review – Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

Here is a review I wrote for my company blog. Great book.


predictable-revenueEvery now and then I come across a book that makes me go wow.  Predictable Revenue is one of them.

At some points the writing style seems a little choppy, but the message was pretty amazing.  Learn how a team of 1, completely changed how sales were being done for, ultimately building out a 12 person team that resulted in $100,000,000 a year in new sales.  And yes, that was recurring revenue!

It’s a fascinating story that tells of how Aaron went from CEO to Junior salesperson to someone who revolutionized how a billion dollar company manages their sales.

And yes, he does plug as a tool quite often!

Here is a quick summary of his methods:

Predictable Revenue is all about creating Predictable Lead Generation

First, get your team specialized by separating your sales group into the following roles:

  • Sales Development – (Qualifiers)
  • Account Executives – (Closers)
  • Account…

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