TSA Precheck – WoW

I used to be a whiner, always complaining about the US government and how things should be better. After living overseas, I’m proudly rocking my USA flag t-shirt today and have shut my mouth.

While most of my outer-USA experience has been Asia, I can’t think of a single government experience that has been better with the routine things like getting a license, finding information, etc.

And… i was finally wowed.  I enrolled online for TSA Precheck.  Took about 5 minutes

I showed up at 10 minutes to 8am for a walk-in interview. (they don’t open til 8am).  The incredibly friendly guy took me in, processed me and had me out by 8am.

On the way out he gave me a tip to check the site for status as once it’s approved they will issue you a number so you don’t have to wait for the mail.

I thought, cool, but NO WAY they will have it by Wednesday night when I leave.

BAM – I logged in today for kicks before my flights and my KTN (known traveller number) was there with a message saying the official letter was in the mail.

No more taking off shoes, no more taking the computer out of the bag!

GO USA – i love this country.

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