Critical Chain – A Book Review by David Hajdu

A book review I wrote for my company blog.


Most entrepreneurs pick up a business book every now and then and find nuggets of information that they can apply to their business. Rarely though do we find those books entertaining. Critical Chain by Eliyahu M. Goldratt accomplishes both.

The story revolves around a university professor in his final year who is trying to gain tenure in the face of budget cuts. Tasked with finding something new in Project Management, he uses his unique teaching style to work through problems with the students in his executive MBA class.

While the story was fun, the nuggets of information – particularly around estimating and the Theory of Constraints – are what really stood out. In project management, estimation is always one of the most difficult tasks. This is particularly true in software development. What the students found in the professor’s class was that a large part of their estimating challenge stemmed from…

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